In 2017, Ashley Alonso founded VidaSlim USA; a health and wellness lifestyle brand.

After only 1 year, Ashley was able to reach men and women across the country through her motivating live videos and 30,000 member strong Facebook group.

After establishing the family business for 2 years, Ashley and her siblings Ziannah Zamora and Jeremy Sandoval were able to expand her company into other lifestyle brands: VidaFit and VidaGlam Cosmetics.

“When creating a beauty brand, we grabbed inspiration from all of the beautiful individuals who gained a whole new life after starting their VidaSlim journey”

-Ashley Alonso



VidaGlam creative director, Jeremy Sandoval collaborated with the VidaSlim family to create VidaGlam’s first makeup collection called The Social Media Series in September of 2019. The collection features 5 face and eye palettes that represent all different faces of beauty. 


“Ive always been passionate with fineart. When I was able to merge that love with the power of makeup, I became this glamorous story teller” -

Jeremy Sandoval





VidaGlam strives for inclusivity. Breaking down barriers that were once known as the norm. Beauty has no limits, our products were made with the most attention to detail and our message speaks as loud as our quality. Welcome to the Vida Glam family!